Brand Protection

Protect your valuable brand and avoid imitation with the advanced Nuclear Track Microporous Membrane security identification technology and our innovative Anti Counterfeiting Solution to consolidate the confidence among your customers.

Easy Verification

Verify your genuine product has never been so easy! Just scan the unique QR code on our security label with any smartphone to check the authenticity and product details online instantly.

Big Data Collection

Implement an interactive marketing strategy to connect your end-users. Collect your customer preferences and feedback, increasing loyalty customers and achieving big data collection.

Avoid Channel Conflict

Give insight into inventory, logistics and sales channels. Monitor logistic arrangements and prevent human error. Enable market audits to check distribution trails and prevent channel conflicts.

NuTrack Nuclear Track Microporous Membrane


Introduce the Most Advanced Integrated Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions!

Customize your product label and tailor-make your unique tracking solution now !

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of the Security Label?

There is no standard pricing for the label, label price is affected by the Size, Printing Colours, Quantity & Techniques applied.

What is the MOQ if I would like to place an order?

The MOQ can be varied based on the design and requirements. For custom design, please kindly Contact Us for more information.

Who should I contact if I am interested?

You may contact us directly from the Contact Us section and we will arrange our personnel who are nearest to you to contact you.

Who needs Security Labels?

Cosmetics, Jewelry, Branded and High-Value Merchandise may require security labels to avoid counterfeits and to build confidence among consumers.

What is the Lead Time of ordering the Labels?

First time order, it takes approximately 3-4 weeks for production. For repeat order, it takes approximately 2-3 weeks for production. (Exclude delivery time to your country.)

What is the Microporous Membrane?

Microporous Membrane is our featured technique used in Anti-Counterfeiting solutions. It is a membrane produced by national-controlled specialized equipment that no one else is able to duplicate it.

Why need QR Code in Security Label?

QR Code helps you to manage your stock keeping easier, provides availability of tracking and authentication checking.

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