Counterfeited Daily Life Products

In terms of agricultural counterfeits, the items involved are mainly crop protection products like pesticides. Pesticides are one of many main things in agricultural production. If one uses a fake pesticide, in which it would probably untested and unregulated can affect not only crops but human health as well. Pesticides are already dangerous for the human body due to its amount of chemicals as they can enter through our breathing, accidental ingestion or dermal penetration. This is why those who handle pesticides must be equipped with proper protective clothing and pieces of equipment so that it will not affect their health.


SOURCE: The Borneo Post

If fake pesticides are used, the crops might turn out to be poisonous for consumers. For example, some farmers would sell out their vegetables without getting them to be checked whether it can be eaten or not. Those who buy the vegetables directly from the farmer would also not know if the vegetable is safe to eat, as long as the leaves are green without any holes by insects, it is good. Hence, farmers need to be aware of this problem as it might affect them seriously too.

Fake Honey

SOURCE: KP Kesihatan

Not only that, honey is also an agricultural product. Wanxiang shared that over 80% of the honey in Malaysia is fake. Whereas the content is not actual honey, it is basically made by sugar, starch and cornflour. Usually, if you drive your way to Cameron Highlands, you can see some people selling honey by the roadside. Most people would be convinced that it is 100% pure honey but are we to make sure that it actually is? We never know how the honey is produced, it might actually be all sugar. It is also found that fake honey would have no nutritional value. One case happened where a guy who has been eating healthy for over 6 years and at the same time consuming honey which is deemed to have many benefits to his health. Turns out that he has got diabetes due to all the honey he consumed all these years.

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