Fake Hand Sanitizer

The current coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) caused a number of items to become scarce and expensive. Such as masks, disinfectant liquids, and hand sanitizers. The public must be aware of the circulation of counterfeit goods in the midst of increasingly high demand today.

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing


Hand sanitizers are now the most sought after item in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. In almost every pharmacy or minimarket, hand gels or cleansing liquids are sold out. Even if available, prices can be very expensive. There is a reason why the short supply of hand sanitizers happens. Hand sanitizer is considered to be able to prevent transmission of COVID-19 because it can kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus that might stick to the hands. No wonder many people search for it. Although hand sanitizer can help reduce risk of contracting certain infections, not all hand sanitizers are equally effective against the virus. Because, short supply and public panic are actually used by irresponsible people by making fake products.

The hand sanitizer manufacturer has revealed several ways to find out the authenticity of the Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer:

Thorough packaging

Details, packaging, product caps, stickers, and liquid contents of fake and original products are clearly different. For example, cleaning fluid from Antis. Antis cleaning liquid packaging has a distinctive design and is different from the empty bottles sold in the market. Antis cleaning liquid packaging has a distinctive design and is different from the empty bottles sold in the market. If the form of the packaging is different, we can be sure the product is fake. Also examine the sticker attached to the bottle packaging. If the sticker is awkward and different, we can be sure that the product is fake.

Check the contents

Before buying, it's good to check the contents listed on the packaging sticker. For Antis cleaning spray liquid, the alcohol content reaches 70%. In addition, Antis also contain moisturizer so that hands will not get dry. Antis itself does not contain ingredients like Triclosan and Irgasan.

Check the batch number and expiration date

Each antiseptic product has a special number that explains the date and expiration date. Same goes with Antis antiseptic fluid. Batch numbers and the expired date is on Antis bottles are printed in black ink. For production / batch numbers on Antis's two-digit format. Meanwhile, the expiration number on the Antis package is in accordance with the format from BPOM, which is in ED format and is followed by four digit numbers: the first two numbers indicate the month and the last two numbers indicate the year. For example, ED1222 which means the expiration date of Antis products falls in December 2022.

Fake Hand Sanitizer


Hand sanitizer manufacturing cannot be done by just anyone. This is because hand sanitizer is in direct contact with health effects that occur after use. The hand sanitizer traded must have a marketing authorization from the Ministry of Health. However, does having a marketing authorization number mean it is the original product? This is also a question because counterfeiters can fake the marketing authorization number from another product. If the product can be counterfeited, label packaging is also not a problem. For this reason, we need solutions that can prevent counterfeiting and are also easy for consumers to check authenticity. Contact Us for an integrated Anti-Counterfeiting solution at an affordable price.


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