Mercury in Local Skincare

Mercury is highly toxic, that being said people must avoid getting any mercury in their daily lives. However, some Malaysians are not aware that mercury is one of the active ingredients in most local skincare. Mercury acts as a bleaching agent which can result in getting a bright and fair skin immediately. Those who use local skincare products mostly have only one goal which is to have bright and flawless skin without any pimples on their face.

Fake KKM Meditag

Skincare that contains mercury in them usually will not be approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH). However, it is weird how some of these products are still selling at sundry shops and kiosks even without MOH’s approval. The MOH has been doing a lot of effort to fight against these brands and one of them is doing a roadshow, exhibitions and events. One of the events they held was “Program Santuni Rakyat; Kenali Ubat Anda”, whereas they want the public to realize the dangers of using products that especially the ones that do not have the MOH approved Hologram Meditag.

Local skincare does not end at just the facial wash. They also consist of day cream, night cream, toner, serum, essence and continue with the make-up. Consequently, people will spend some of their time in the morning and night prepping for their skin following the steps in order to have the skin they want. Local skincare that contains mercury usually takes less than 2 weeks while a good skincare will take more than one month to see the results. This is why some people would risk themselves as long as the outcome is visible in a short time without realizing the consequences once the chemicals start reacting to their skin. Do check out this link to check the list of cosmetics that have been researched and banned by the Ministry of Health:

Cosmetic with Dangerous Substance

SOURCE: Wanista

It is wished that local skincare companies would step up their game and work hard so that their brand can be approved by MOH and go further by being an international brand. Meanwhile as for consumers, we cannot continue to support them because if we do, they would not stop it as they think people will still continue to buy their products. Despite having a MOH Meditag, get extra careful by getting our NμTrack™ Microporous Membrane and imagine how satisfied customers are when getting the actual original product.

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