Counterfeit Auto-Parts Brings Tragedy

An Automotive Guides Site – Gridoto mentioned there are four main factors that causes road accidents: Driver Condition, Vehicle Condition, Road Condition, Environment Condition. Driver condition means fatigue, drunk, distraction, and speeding. Vehicle condition refers to bad maintenance and counterfeit parts. Road condition are pavement cracks and potholes. Environment Condition can be heavy rain or fog causes short sight availability or causes slippery road condition. (Gridoto) In a report from India, around 20% of road accidents are caused by counterfeited auto parts. (Business Standard) The most critical parts that often causes accidents are braking system, tires, and steering system. If these parts are replaced by counterfeited products, it might bring serious tragedy.


There are around 30% of counterfeited auto-parts in Indonesia Market. And this is one of the main factors that causes road accidents. (otomotifnet.gridoto) But why do people still buying fake auto-parts instead of the genuine one? Are they actually cheaper? Well, the product itself might be cheaper, but if we take into consideration regarding the tragedies that might happened due to fake parts then the cost will be very high.

During the pandemic, many owners tend to purchase auto-parts online and replace by themselves. With many instructions and guides that we can find from YouTube, car owners can easily learn how to replace parts step by step. However, there are two issues that might occur from this:

1) Counterfeited Parts bought Online

Vehicle owners might wrongly buy a fake part as they are lack of experience. Many online sellers are irresponsible for selling products. What they care are sales regardless of any copyright or intellectual properties issue.

There are few tips for consumers for this situation:

• Always look for authorized dealer or trusted sites to buy online.

• Do not believe in cheaper price products.

• Check comments and profile of the seller.

• Select on-site payment so we can check before making payment.

• Check warranty of the product.

• Keep the payment proof.

• Compare several different sellers.


Source: Gridoto

2) Improper Installation

One cannot be a professional technician by just watching instruction video. We need experience and proper guides to install all auto parts correctly. What will happened if the owner did not install the parts correctly and causes malfunction or low lifespan? The owner might claim that the parts they bought are fake or they think the brand is low in quality and will lost faith on the brand.

In this case, manufacturers or brand owners should apply Traceable Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions. This will not only protect their loyal customers but also to defend themselves from conflicts mentioned above.

Traceable Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions can help to track the distribution routes. The Unique QR Code performs as an ID for each product so we can check the trail of product distributed by which distributor. Digital Anti-Counterfeiting will also perform as interactive marketing tools where we can add functions such as loyalty point, membership, warranty and etc. Besides Digital Anti-Counterfeiting, we may also add Physical Anti-Counterfeiting Technique for the ease of consumers to check authenticity and to avoid the security codes being duplicated. Nutrack’s Microporous Membrane provides convenience for consumers to check authenticity by only applying water test or water-based ink test and this technique is almost unbreakable.


Nutrack provides Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions including Physical & Digital Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions. With a combination of both Physical & Digital Anti-Counterfeiting Techniques, it not only brings convenience for consumers to check authenticity, but also ensures that the codes are not duplicable. Contact Us today for free consultation.

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