Shoes Are The Number One Most Counterfeited Product

Did you know that out of all items, shoes are the number one most counterfeited product? Ranging from brands like Converse, Adidas, Nike and even high-end brands like Christian Louboutin and Louis Vuitton. Name the brand, it all might actually have been counterfeited.

Shoes Are The Number One Most Counterfeited Product

SOURCE: Inside Indonesia

The tidal wave of online celebrity-endorsed products causes great stimulation impact on people buying those fashionable shoes. But, most of these shoes cost an arm and leg. This had led to negative consequences to those who cannot afford to buy and ends up seeking a counterfeited one. This is where counterfeiters come through, providing the same exact looking shoes but with a price that is a whole lot cheaper than the original price. But not all counterfeited shoes look as nice, some are just awful.

Another issue is the emerging of shoe resale market. It has become a trend that people seek and collect limited edition sneakers. According to Josh Lube, CEO and co-founder of StockX: "The sneaker resale market in China alone is over US$1bn." However, the high-margin luxury market is inevitably susceptible to counterfeit products, especially iconic brands or limited edition counterfeit products.

Shoes Are The Number One Most Counterfeited Product


Some counterfeited shoes are labelled as “99.9% Original Grade AA” to confuse consumers. Those who can afford to buy originals would not even mind searching for that kind of keywords. But those who cannot afford it but still wants the shoes would definitely buy it. Going through E-Commerce sites such as Shopee or Lazada, such counterfeit shoes are so easy to find.

Inside Indonesia shared that big brands know that counterfeiters are a huge threat to them and one fact is that the process of suing them totally and making them stop takes up to 4 years until they can actually be convicted. By then there actually might be more counterfeiters entering the market. Hence the thing they can do to prevent counterfeiting is by gearing up their anti-counterfeiting solutions within their customers by doing an anti-counterfeiting campaign teaching them how to identify fake products.

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SOURCE: Covectra

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